The Long Sleeve Roll Neck Top Is The Only Jumper You Need To This Spring.

Everting back to wardrobe basics and relying on classic, wearable and most importantly reliable pieces is something we should all be considering right now. At a time when we should be more conscious about our buying habits, opting for long-lasting pieces, it’s all about going for items you’ll get the most wear out of.

We all own a pair of jeans we can’t help but wear on repeat, a coat we bring out season after season, and that white t-shirt which isn’t too see-through or too thick. Now, it’s all about the long sleeve roll neck top; or a turtleneck, if you’re feeling retro!

Sure, it may not be the most exciting purchase you’ll ever make, but believe us when we tell you it has an innate power to transform any outfit from summery, to autumn-ready. We’re not talking a chunky knit here: you’re looking for a thin second-skin layer that can be added to any outfit to gain extra warmth, and style points in succession.

There are so many ways you can make a high neck transform your wardrobe. Whether you layer it under a jumpsuit, add it underneath an oversized shirt or update a would-be summery dress, the possibilities are endless.

Here, we take inspiration from the stylish women at fashion month and reveal the best ways to style this look – and reveal the £8.50 version we will be wearing all season long. Trust us: you’ll want to snap it up in all 4 colours.


Shorts are one of biggest fashion stories this season, and thanks to the treatment of directional designers Miu Miu and Gucci they’ve moved from beachy denim to city chic fabrics such as tweed, velvet and leather. Can’t wait until summer to embrace the trend? Make your shorts the hardest working item in your spring wardrobe by pairing them with thick tights and a fail safe turtleneck. Choose an all-black style for a sleek look or follow fashion lead and choose a style in a stand-out print for a bold statement look.


Boiler suits and jumpsuits have been more popular that usual this year, and their reign is continuing well into the cooler months. Although the stress of going to the loo wearing one may put you off, the new way to wear it may have you convinced.
Add a roll neck underneath and they suddenly become autumn-appropriate, because let’s face it, the one piece is a tricky one to style with coats.


Stylist’s fashion director has already approved this combo as the one she’ll wear on repeat this season – the shirt and roll neck.
By adding the high neck top underneath a classic shirt, you give it a whole new fresh spin that looks effortlessly chic. Keep a few buttons undone for a laid back look.


If you’re about to do the wardrobe switch and pack your summer hero dresses away, stop right there. Make any dress suitable for cold weather by yes, you guessed it, layering with a roll neck top.
Try teaming one in the a similar shade to your dress to tick off this season’s tonal trend, too.

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