The Best Random Acts of Kindness Tree Diy Craft.

Making a Kindness Tree for your home or classroom is so much fun. Think of it as a Random Act of Kindness for everyone in your life. It’s a simple activity to teach random acts of kindness for kids and also to show them that small acts of kindness do matter.

The best part about this kindness craft is that its one that you can create and leave up all year long. The acts of kindness that keep on giving. We like to do this and have it sitting out on our counter for a daily reminder of how easy it is to make someone smile and to be kind to others.

Kindness Tree – The Best Kindness Tree

A Kindness Tree is a creative and beautiful way to encourage acts of kindness. The tree leaves become kind deeds written on paper hearts. You can also make this same kindness tree in the fall and use different colored paper in the shape of leaves.

Creating this kindness tree together as a family or group is a true bonding experience. Plus, it’s one of my favorite ideas for Random Acts of Kindness.

While a kindness tree works perfectly at home, it’s also an excellent idea for Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for School as well. Having the kids do this in the classroom is a fun way to spread kindness to everyone in the class and even school

Acts of Kindness for Kids

What you will need to make your Kindness Tree is in this list below. Get your family or classroom excited with this kindness tree project.

1 Vase
5-6 Tree Branches (cut to size)
shades of Pink and Red Card Stock
Permanent Marker
Hole Punch
Printable Heart Provided

How to Make a Kindness Tree

Start by tracing several hearts out, on to your card stock, and cut them out. As many as you like.

If you are doing this in a classroom make sure you have at least one heart for every child. If you are doing this at home you might want to consider having a basket of hearts near the tree for anyone in the family to add kind notes when they want to.

Have your children write out several compliments and kind messages onto each heart with a marker. They can do this activity at one time or whenever they want to make someone smile.

Using your hole punch, place a hole in the top center of each heart.

Place a piece of twine through each hole. I made mine all different lengths.

Kindness Tree

Place your branches into your vase.

Tie your hearts to various branches with twine.

Set your kindness tree out for everyone to enjoy it!

Heart Crafts

Whether you are doing this for a special holiday kindness tree, like Valentine’s day or Thanksgiving or you want to add this to your home or classroom to promote kindness on a regular basis this tree is sure to bring lots of joy.

Isn’t this sweet Kindness tree just the cutest?! It’s one of the most simple ways to show kindness as well. Let everyone in your family write down a few kind words on the hearts and display them proudly in your home.

This is one activity or decoration that you can literally leave up all year round. Kindness is something that should be spread daily and this simple kindness tree is a great reminder of that!

Kindness Examples

I love your smile
you are so nice
I love your laugh
you are funny
you are my best friend
thank you for making me happy
you are a good reader
I love your hugs
you are good at sports
compliment a parent
compliment a teacher
you are fun

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