Throughout the years I have made a few light trimmings. At the point when I referenced that during Thanksgiving, a you few asked that I share them.

This entirely little blessed messenger is one of my top choices. I made this in December of 2000, difficult to trust it’s been 9 years she despite everything holds tight my tree each Christmas! In the event that she ever breaks, I will be crushed. My family knows NOT to upset mother’s light ornies, and nobody attempts to wrap them up, they hand them off to me when it’s an ideal opportunity to bring down the tree.

Light Angel Ornament


worn out light

scouring liquor

acrylic paint in white pink, and substance

gold line or strip

gold specialty wire

wire cutters

bunch of small white silk blossoms

gold piece material

Fiberfil cotton batting

three plastic white or luminous blossoms

ribbon drapery remainder with a flower design

1 sets white nylon holy messenger wings

craft glue


dark marker


Wipe bulb down with scouring liquor, this will enable the paint to stick to the bulb. Let dry. Paint whole light with white acrylic paint and let dry. Apply a subsequent coat. In the event that finish seems streaked, you can utilize a huge paint brush or a wipe to blotch on a “stucco” look. It isn’t important to paint the attachment. Permit bulb to dry totally.

While bulb is drying, removed two enormous blossoms from the trim drape and design a radiance from create wire (leave enough wire to fold over the bulb attachment).

At the point when bulb is totally dry, wrap make wire around bulb attachment and control wire upward so corona is over the attachment (head). Utilizing gold texture strip, stick set up right around the attachment (nearly toward the finish of the attachment where it meets the bulb). Spread any residual attachment with Fiberfil. Plan Fiberfil by taking modest quantity and moving it between your hands to make “tubes”, stick set up. Over the gold band, each in turn, stick small silk blossoms set up until whole attachment is secured.

Cautiously paint face region on with substance shaded paint. Style a little bow from gold strip or rope and paste to the front of the bulb, mostly down where the round part starts. Cautiously stick glowing or white plastic blossoms around the bow (as envisioned). Utilize the two trim shade blossoms to make a shawl by firing up behind the blessed messenger’s neck and working your direction frontward and around. Do this for the two sides, cover where required.

Turn heavenly attendant over in your grasp, being mindful so as not to squeeze the embellishments on the front, and paste holy messenger wings to the back. Tie a circle in gold string or strip and paste safely to the rear of the heavenly attendant simply over the wings.

Utilize dark marker to draw on eyes and mouth. Utilizing a little paint brush, smudge off overabundance pink paint onto paper towel. At the point when all overabundance paint is off of the brush, cautiously and tenderly blotch on cheeks. Hang!

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