How TO Make Pink Milk Recipe.


Thai pink milk is an invigorating beverage ordinarily sold, alongside Thai frosted tea, in the city of Thailand. In Thai, “nom” signifies milk, while “yen,” right now, frosted. Truly, pink milk implies frosted milk yet when we’re the name of a beverage, it all the more explicitly implies this Thai pink milk. However, as of late many have received the cuter, which means pink milk. So you may hear Thai individuals utilize those names conversely when they’re discussing this pink beverage.

As you can likely envision, pink milk is extremely mainstream among young ladies in view of its shading. For sure, the pastel pink can be very adorable and send a few people to their unicorn paradise (on the off chance that you like unicorn, make certain to look at my butterfly pea milk too!). Saying this doesn’t imply that this beverage has recently the look.

Typically, Thai pink milk contains Hale’s sala seasoned syrup, warm water, improved consolidated milk and vanished milk. Be that as it may, I for one prefer to make it with only 2 fixings – the syrup and standard milk – to keep it straightforward and “more beneficial.” But don’t stress, there’s no trade off on taste here! The sals syrup is continually going to possess a flavor like sala syrup, however what has the effect is the milk. I suggest utilizing entire milk, so you despite everything get that richness. What’s more, on the off chance that you have dissipated milk, it doesn’t damage to shower a touch of that onto the highest point of your beverage.

I’ve checked the Hale’s Blue Boy site and found that the sala syrup is veggie lover, vegetarian and without gluten so you can supplant dairy animals’ milk with different sorts of milk to suit.

The most effective method to make pink milk

Making Thai pink milk is ludicrously simple. Similarly as with numerous other Thai beverages, Thai pink milk is particularly acceptable with squashed ice, so I propose you start by setting up that first. You can do this in a blender or nourishment processor. Or on the other hand you can likewise place some ice in a pack and crush it with a pestle.

At that point, simply blend 2 cups of milk in with 1/4 cup of sala syrup. It’s ideal to utilize cold milk here so you don’t need to manage the ice softening and weakening the beverage the same amount of. You can taste the milk blend and change the sweetness exactly as you would prefer by including more milk or syrup. Be that as it may, recollect it ought to be sweet enough when presented with ice.

When you’re finished blending, fill 3 cups with the squashed ice and pour the pink milk over the ice. In case you’re utilizing vanished milk, sprinkle that onto the highest point of each cup and appreciate!


Isn’t it clear that this beverage is ideal for Valentine’s Day for some reasons? Not exclusively is the shading so fitting, however pink milk is so natural to make. Only 2 fixings + 5 minutes and BOOM! You can never fall flat. To make it progressively uncommon, you could likewise prepare my simple Thai garlic pork or Thai cashew chicken to match with this beverage. Trust me, your Valentine is going to cherish it!


2 cups milk

1/4 cup Hale’s Blue Boy sala enhanced syrup

3 cups squashed ice

1/4 cup vanished milk to shower on top (discretionary)


Blend the milk and sala enhanced syrup with a spoon in a blending container. Taste the milk blend and modify the sweetness exactly as you would prefer by including more milk or syrup.

Fill 3 cups with squashed ice and pour the pink milk blend over the ice.

Sprinkle some dissipated milk onto the highest point of each cup and appreciate!

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